The 10 Best Indian Sex stories of December 2022

The 10 Best Indian Sex stories of December 2022
The 10 Best Indian Sex stories of December 2022

2022 started with Lockdown and Covid. But ended positively with everyone celebrating Christmas and New Year’s eve. Here is the list of the stories which our readers enjoyed the most in the festive season.

  1. चचेरे भाई ने मेरी वर्जिन चुत की नथ खोली ऑडियो सेक्स कहानी
  2. बहन के साथ चूत चुदाई का मजा-1
  3. गाँव की गोरी और डॉक्टर-1
  4. पापा से चुदवा लिया मैंने
  5. मौसी के चक्कर में माँ की गांड चुद गई
  6. मम्मी की दमदार चुदाई
  7. नौकरानी की बुर में लंड
  8. जवान लड़की की सेक्स स्टोरी

A vacation in Goa brought me closer to my mother. We discussed our intimate desires, which finally led us to satisfy each other’s unsatisfied horny desires.

‘My mom saw my hard dick for the first time. She then slid down her pajamas and removed her panties. Then she lay down on the bed and covered her face with a pillow. My dick was super hard watching my mother like that.

A fight between the husband and wife led to a mom-son taboo. Learn how the son took advantage of this situation to fuck his mom while his dad slept outside.

‘I remained silent while I squeezed her boobs. She was giving very soft moans as I squeezed her boobs. I put my right hand on her waist and pinched it hard. And I went near her mouth and closed her mouth with the same hand while I squeezed her boobs with my left hand. She held my hand and told.

What it’s like to completely own your aunt and cousin and have them serve your every delicious need? Read how Raghav enjoyed them as they lived in his home.

‘Raghav slowed her riding down to enjoy her. He began sucking her breasts. A second later, she felt his aunt’s warm wet mouth wrap around his balls. Heena sucked them gently. Raghav fell back in bed with pleasure.

Shantanu woke to find his mother sucking his cock. He is joyful as he feels his dream fantasy has come true. Read how they give pleasure to each other.

‘Shantanu was stunned to find his mother sucking his cock. He felt an unusual sensation that he had never experienced before. Unable to control, a soft moan escaped his mouth, making his mother aware that he was awake. Rupali was unfazed as she continued choking on his huge erect dick.

Story of my exciting first night sex with my shy, virgin wife. But that’s not it. Learn how she came to know about my relationship with my mom & was shocked.

‘I pushed again and this time, she made a sound. But she tried to not make it loud. My cock went inside her pussy and her pussy was bleeding. I asked her if everything was ok. She told she was fine and I started moving. I started slowly first and then increased the pace.

I have read many stories about women getting involved with their husband’s friends. But never thought I would also be experiencing it. What happened to me?

‘I had started to stroke slowly now while slowly scratching his inner thighs softly with my long nails. I wanted to seduce Ashok so much and irritate him. So that he gets angry and holds my hair, and pushes his anaconda deep into my mouth.

After coming across a sex video of my landlord’s wife cheating on her hubby, read how I seduced her and also gets her to give me a lovely blowjob.

‘When I came back, she was sitting on the sofa just normally with her godly body which I was going to devour. I thought of many ways of bringing the affair. Should I be direct or first ask her about her relationship with Ashok? Or the relationship between her husband and her?

This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my virgin cousin Vidhi. The circumstances changed, and my aunt helped me to gain some experience in sex.

‘She was so wet that I could taste her juices. Slowly she started enjoying it and pushing my head toward her pussy. So I started fingering her as well. Soon she was moaning. After licking her for 5 to 6 minutes, I got on my knees and pushed my hard rock dick into her.

I banged my cousin bhabhi after lusting for her for years. I took the bold step of approaching her directly, fucked her hard made her my cheating slut.

‘I even masturbated on her panties in the bathroom. I even tried to put ears and listen to noises outside her bedroom when my cousin would be fucking her. Though I couldn’t dare to approach her once directly for sex.

Ek ladka aapni maa ko chodna chahta hai magar woh chod nahi pata hai. Fir woh kaise apni kaamwali ki madad leta hai aapni maa ki chudayi karne ke liye.

‘Aunty bhi mummy ki umar ki hai. Aur unka badan bhi pura bhara hua. Aunty hamesha saree hi pehnti hai. Aur unki saree ke side se dikhta. Unka woh makhmali pet aur gehri nabhi kisi ka bhi lund khada karne ki takat rakhti hai. Aur duniya ka har mard gehri nabhi wali aurto ke liye pagal rehta hai.

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