Babita and her daughter Kareena’s sex

Seducing a horny girl and then fucking her…this is what this story is all about! But the different thing is that the girl’s brother himself asked me to woo her. Maal Chudai Ladki Patana

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Friends, you must have enjoyed reading my previous story
Corona Baba’s Prasad .

Today I have brought this new story in which a horny girl has to be seduced and fucked.

This happened when I passed class 12 and did B. Took admission in Com.

Kuljeet was my classmate from nursery and my fast friend. In Kuljeet’s house there were his parents and a sister one year younger than him.

His father Jagjit Singh was a manager in a bank and was posted in Kanpur. He could come home only during holidays.
He was around 50 years old, had a lean body and a face like a ripe mango.

Kuljeet’s mother’s name was Parmeet Kaur, age around 40-42 years, height 5 feet 6 inches, full body and fair complexion.
At a glance she looked like cine star Babita.

Kuljeet’s sister Honeypreet had turned 18 only last month. Because of her zero figure like Kareena, I used to call her Kareena.

I never had any bad thoughts in my mind about Kareena and Babita aunty.
One reason for this might be that I had a relationship with Shyamali, the daughter of Rastogi uncle who lived in my neighbourhood.
Shyamali used to get fucked in exchange for a gift of Rs 100 and fifty.

Kuljeet also knew about my relationship with Shyamali.

One day Kuljeet said – Vijay friend, please arrange for me with Shyamali too.
“I really feel like it, friend.”

“What does the heart do?”
“That I get to fuck a girl, I am satisfied with masturbating.”

“Okay, this is the case. Now Kuljeet Singh wants pussy? What good will it do for me?”
“You are my friend, man. Can’t get this much work done?”
“Can get it done. But in return you get me setup in your locality.”

“Who should I get it done in my locality? There is no goods of any kind.”
“Wow, there is no proper girl in your locality. You talk amazing, Kuljeet?”

“She is my sister, Honeypreet. Ask him if I can get you set up?”
“Wow, my son. In the process of fucking Shyamali, are you ready to get your sister fucked by me?”

“Hey, honey, she is already hot, if not you then she will get fucked by someone else.”
“How do you know?”

“She sleeps in my room only. She thinks I am sleeping. Watches blue films on mobile all night. She keeps caressing her pussy and goes to the bathroom to cool her pussy with her fingers.”

“Okay, tell me, I will get your setting done by Shyamali. How will you get Honey to set me up?”
“I will not make any arrangements, Vijay. I will just give you both some privacy and your work will be done.”

“Okay, you tell me when you want to fuck Shyamali?”
“When you get it done.”
“Okay, I will tell.”

The next day, while fucking Shyamali, I told her – Man, I have a fast friend, Kuljeet. Make her happy too.
“Have you seen my slippers?”

“What happened, why are you angry?”
“Not angry. Tell me, have you seen my slippers? It is breaking, get a new one and fuck me.”
“I will get you slippers, you get fucked by her.”

Two days later it was Sunday.
On Sunday, Kuljeet fucked Shyamali.

However, Shyamali told that he was very nervous, could not do much, and was soon discharged.

When we met in college on Monday, Kuljeet told – Papa is coming on Friday, mom and dad both are going to Amritsar for a week. You have one week from Saturday to make arrangements with Honeypreet.

On Saturday morning I told Kuljeet – You leave your house at ten o’clock and tell Honeypreet that I will be back in an hour. When Vijay comes, make him sit and give him tea, I will return by then.

So did happen.

When I reached Kuljeet’s house at around 10.15 with a packet of dotted condoms, Honey opened the door.
He said ‘Hi Vijay!’ Saying this he gestured to come inside.

“Sit, Kuljeet is coming soon.”
Sitting on the sofa, I said – Come, you also sit.
“I’ll sit, let me make tea for you first.”

“Why for me? Make it for yourself too.”
“I will make it Baba, I will make two cups.” She said laughing and walked towards the kitchen.

Then Honey turned and said – How much sugar do you take?
“Don’t ask about sugar, ask how much milk do you take?”

“How much milk do you take, sir?” Honey asked flauntingly.
“As much as the person in front of you can give you.”
“What if the person in front of you refuses?”
“Then we will drink black tea.”

“What if you don’t even give me black tea?”
“Then there may be a situation of force.”
“How by force?”

“Come closer and tell me.”
“What if he doesn’t come?”
“Then we will have to come.”

Saying this, I moved forward and held Honey’s hand and pulled her towards me.
She collided with my chest and said while moving back – Leave it now, Kuljeet must be coming.

“Where has he gone?”
“Don’t know this but he was saying that he will return in an hour.”

I took out my mobile from my pocket and called Kuljeet.
When the call got connected I asked – where are you brother?

“I am near home.”
“Brother, you reach Deepesh’s house… I will also come there, then we will go for a walk.”
“Understood, your setting is done. Now I will return home only when I receive your call.”

Kuljeet will not return for three hours, saying this I took Honey in my arms.
Honey then separated from me and closed the curtains of the drawing room window due to which the room became somewhat dark.

Honey turned on the tube light and looked at me and signaled me to come closer to her.

I lifted Honey in my lap and placed my lips on her lips.

What an amazing madness…she pounced on me like lightning.

While tasting her lips, I squeezed her breasts and buttocks and turned them red.

While holding her in my lap, I removed Honey’s salwar and panty.

Leaving Honey’s lips, I started sucking her pussy lips.
The salty water of her pussy filled my body with fire.

I took Honey to her bedroom.

After bringing her into the bedroom, I also removed Honey’s kurta and bra.

There was a 28 inch tag on the bra but Honey’s breasts were of lemon size.
I started caressing Honey’s pussy while sucking small lemons.

When I would finger the pink lips of her pussy covered with black and soft hair, Honey would moan.

After taking off my T-shirt and vest, I came into 69 position and started moving my tongue on Honey’s pussy.

After caressing my thighs for some time, Honey opened the chain of my jeans.
Then wanted to take out my penis.
But it was unsuccessful.

Because it was not easy for the penis which was erect like a pestle to come out without opening the belt.

When I opened the belt, Honey pulled down my jeans and jockeys and grabbed my penis.

Taking advantage of her experience in blue films, Honey moved the foreskin of my penis back and forth and started licking the head of my penis with her tongue.

While licking the betel nut, Honey took the betel nut in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop.

I moved downwards a little and inserted the tip of my penis up to Honey’s throat.
Which Honey started sucking with pleasure.

Here I started moving my thumb into Honey’s pussy.

When I felt that Honey’s pussy had become thoroughly wet, I took off my jeans.
Then he took a packet of dotted condoms and a bottle of cold cream from the dressing table and came to the bed.

I lifted Honeypreet’s buttocks and placed a pillow under her.
After applying cream on my penis and moving the cream soaked finger in Honey’s pussy, I said to her – Honey, these are the moments of peak of love. Now it remains to be seen how much you cooperate in this.

“Vijay, I know that when your penis goes into my pussy, I will feel pain and you are applying cream only to reduce that pain. You do your work without any worries, I am completely ready. I love you, Vijay.”

After rubbing the tip of my penis on the lips of Honey’s pussy for some time, I placed it on the target.
By applying slight pressure, I bent forward and pushed my penis inside while sucking Honey’s breasts.

A thumping sound came and the head of my penis went inside Honeypreet’s pussy.

While sucking Honeypreet’s breasts, I slowly started sucking Honey’s lips while moving my penis in and out and kept caressing her thighs. Meanwhile, when I tried to push my penis inside, Honey said, stop it, if you press too much it will cause pain.

Ahead was the barrier of virginity.

Leaving Honey’s lips, I got up and placed Honey’s legs on my shoulders and started fucking her slowly.

While moving my penis in and out, I hit it hard once.
So my penis tore the membrane of Honey’s pussy and reached her navel.

Honey covered her mouth with her hands to stop her screaming.
My penis, drenched in blood leaking from Honey’s pussy, was working at full speed.
And Honey too, forgetting the pain, was enjoying by shaking her buttocks.

When I felt that my destination was near, I took out my penis.
After cleaning my penis and her pussy with Honey’s panty, I put a condom on my penis and again inserted it into Honey’s pussy.

While rubbing her breasts, Honey was probably signaling me to rub them.
While squeezing Honey’s breasts with my hands, I told her – You wear bra number 28, in three months your bra size is going to be 32.

“That’s all I need, I don’t need more than that. I don’t want to walk around with size 38 breasts like my mother.”

This thing that came out of Honey’s mouth unknowingly turned my attention towards Babita Aunty’s number 38 breasts.
I started thinking that it would be fun if I get to suck Babita Aunty’s breasts.

“What are you thinking, Vijay? Where did you get lost?”
“Nothing, honey. I was thinking that we would never be separated from each other.”
“It will never go away, but tell me when will your water go away? My legs are hurting.”

Increasing the speed of my penis, I lifted Honey’s buttocks in the air and told her – I am going to release water but I will not let you wear clothes. There will be one more round.
“No Baba, not today.”

“It will happen today itself, honey. “In the second round we will enjoy doggy style.”
“Okay, Baba. Whatever you have to do, do it quickly, your brother-in-law will be coming soon.”

“Don’t worry about him. And listen, I will bring whiskey at night, we will have two pegs each and Kuljeet will have four pegs, he will sleep. And we will have fun all night long.”

While talking and fucking Honey, my penis started swelling and became tight and stiff, then a fountain came out from my penis.
As soon as the fountain was released, I increased the speed and kept fucking till the last drop of semen came out.

After this we drank tea.

While drinking tea, we got excited due to playing with each other’s body parts and I fucked Honey like a bitch in the drawing room itself.

After this I called Kuljeet that I will bring whiskey at eight o’clock and we will have a party.

The same thing happened in the night, Honey and I took two pegs each and Kuljeet fell down after taking five pegs.

This game continued like this until aunty uncle returned.

What happened after his return, read in the next part!