Couple Finds Another Swinging Couple In Hawaii.

ALOHA! hawaii sex story

hawaii sex story
hawaii sex story

We met them at poolside at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. Lydia, my
lady, had just finished the newspaper and was stretched out on the
chaise oiling her body in the sun, I was lying on the float beside
her, when Nicole and Frank came up and asked if they could borrow the
TV listing. We’d seen them around the hotel and pool, in the
restaurants and cocktail lounges but this was the first time we
talked. Looking back on it now, it seems almost a dreamlike
beginning. In a matter of moments, we were chatting like old friends
but the conversation seemed to be going on outside us, like a choral
backdrop to the real action that was taking place. For in retrospect
I can see that there was, almost immediately, an unspoken sexual
tension crackling between us.

hawaii sex story

Frank, dark and good-looking, was a well-built fellow with a quick
smile and a ready laugh. Nicole, blonde and sun-browned, was a lot of
woman. It was very hard not to stare at her in her skimpy yellow
bikini with beads of sweat atop the oiled skin of her ample breasts.
Rolling over onto my back, I gazed up her well-formed legs to the
swell of her lower belly and the pouty mound of her pussy. Lydia
noticed my stare and gave me just a flicker of a smile, as if to tell
me she knew what was going through my mind. We’d never done anything
sexual with anyone else, though we’d often talked about it in
intimate moments of fantasy and it got us both very aroused indeed.
So it wasn’t unusual that I felt the first stirring of an erection
working against my bathing suit. Lydia noticed that too— and so, I
think, did Nicole, whose eyes met mine for just a moment with a look
of frank, bold curiosity.

They joined us at poolside, and our conversation rolled along easily.
It turned out that we were not only staying on the same floor of the
hotel; we lived only a few miles apart outside San Francisco. We
swapped favorite restaurants in Honolulu, regaled each other with the
usual array of vacation tales, and found ourselves enjoying our
mutual company. We were politically in tune; we enjoyed many of the
same TV shows; we were all Forty-niner fans. We even liked several
of the same Napa wines. And so we agreed to meet for dinner that
evening at the Halekulani’s renowned seaside restaurant.

In typical Hawaiian fashion, we dressed casually, comfortably. Frank
and I wore aloha shirts and slacks; Lydia and Nicole, loose,
light-weight flowing muu-muus. The restaurant ambience was warm,
candle-lit, tropic rustic with bamboo walls; the room hung out over a
cobalt sea stunned by a silver moon— and our table stood against an
open window on the seaward edge of it. The meal —oysters and
mahi-mahi for Lydia and me; pink baby lamb for them— was superb.
Our choices of wine were no less so. The service was perfect. And
when Frank and Nicole invited us to their room for a night cap, it
all seemed like a perfectly natural ending to a lovely evening.

The room was a replica of ours: elegantly appointed in soft, tropical
creams and pastel blues, with a king-sized bed, an overstuffed sofa
against the opposite wall, a kitchenette at one end and, at the
other, sliding doors that opened onto a broad terrace looking down
Waikiki to Diamond Head. A warm breeze rustled the filmy curtains.
Lydia and I settled down on the couch. Nicole curled up cross-legged
on the big bed. Frank went to the fridge, took out a chilled bottle
of Chateau Montelena chardonnay, and poured for us all. “Anyone for a
joint?” he asked. Lydia and I both love an occasional toke. It makes
us both so sexy, so tactilely sensitive. I wondered if it affected
Frank and Nicole the same way. I smiled. “I thought you’d never
ask,”I said.

I took a long hit and held it deep in my lungs, then I passed it to
Lydia, who did the same. “Maui wowie,” Frank explained. “One hit,
you’re flying. Two and you’re in orbit.” We had passed the joint
around three times when I felt the first toke hit, and Frank was
right. I felt like the top of my head was soaring into space. I felt
a longing, a roaring, in my crotch, and wanted to feel my nipples
touched. “That’s wonderful stuff,” I remarked to no one in
particular, and giggled. “You know, we probably should have warned
you: grass really turns us on.” I smiled at Lydia; she smiled back,
sipped her wine, and wriggled voluptuously, so that her dress pressed
tightly into the valley between her thighs, and her pelvis seemed to
rise up in invitation to us all. Nicole gazed at Lydia’s plainly
outlined pussy, then looked intently at Frankand said, “It turns us
on too, huh, honey?” “In a very special way,” Frank replied. He ran
a fond finger down her hair and along her cheek and throat. “Why
don’t you tell them?” Nicole blushed. “I’m embarrassed,” she said.
She lowered her eyes demurely, but she wore no bra and her hardening
nipples were plainly visible through the thin fabric of her dress.
Lydia coaxed her: “I’ll tell you our fantasy if you tell us yours.”
Nicole hesitated. Frank sat down beside her on the bed. “That’s fair
enough,” he said. “We haven’t actually done it yet,” Lydia looked
down at her clearly visible mound, locked her hands behind her
laid-back head so her breasts thrust out, and went on, “but— well,
we’ve talked about what it would be like to fool around in front of
another couple.”

“Us too,” Frank said. Nicole took a deep breath. So it was out in the
open. We were on the same wave length. We were now trying to deal
with that realization— and figure out what to do next. We were
silent for what seemed like ages, each of us hoping the other would
somehow break the ice, but,being innocents, not knowing how. I looked
at Lydia and giggled. She giggled back, but there was lust in the
dark corners of her eyes. She took my hand and placed it on her
breast. “Feel me,” she whispered, and turned her wanton smile to
Frank and Nicole. “Feel my tits. I want Frank and Nicole to look at
me while you feel my tits.”

Lydia’s nipple leaped to rubbery, bud-like erection. I felt her
breath on my lips— and could smell the rising passion of her pussy
on her breath. We kissed with our tongues and Lydia groaned as she
likes to do while Frank and Nicole looked on. I took Lydia’s other
nipple between my fingers too. She sighed: “Oh, Jesus!” We looked at
our new found friends and saw them looking at us. “Oh Jesus!” Lydia
whispered again.

Frank had snuggled behind Nicole on the bed and was nuzzling her
neck. He brought his hands around in front and cupped both her
breasts for us to see. Nicole closed her eyes, pressed back against
him like a cat, and moaned. I was electrified. My cock stiffened.
“Pretty, no?” Lydia whispered. “No no, yes,” I replied. Lydia
chuckled softly, deep in her throat. “You’re getting hot, aren’t
you?” she asked as she brought her hand to my crotch and began
stroking the hard shaft through my slacks. “I’m stoned, baby,” I told
her. “So am I,” she replied. “And I’m getting so hot!” “So am I!” I
whispered, moving my hips up to her inviting hand. Suddenly, in a
blurted whisper, she said, “I want to do it— to do what we’ve
talked about. I want to fuck you. I want to feel your stiff prick
inside me— ” I looked in her eyes. “With them watching?” I asked.
“With them watching,” she replied. Then she moaned, squeezed my cock,
and kissed me hard, thrusting her luscious, comfortable hips forward
and her tongue into my mouth.

We had crossed the threshold of inhibition. Our initial reserve was
gone. I peeled away Lydia’s dress, unsnapped her bra and let it fall
away too, exposing her sweet tits, her thimble-hard nipples. Lydia
lay back against the deep, soft couch and spread her legs so the dark
patch of her pussy hair showed clearly through her sheer silk
panties. She unzipped my fly, freed my bursting prick, and began
pumping it with long, slow strokes. Frank and Nicole stared boldly,
lustfully, at us now. Frank kissed and tongued Nicole’s ears. One
hand slipped inside her dress to caress her breasts and nipples; the
other slid down across her belly to stroke her pussy through the soft
fabric. “Take it off,” she told him. “I want to be naked! I want you
to lick my pussy! Honey, I want to fuck like we’ve talked about!”

Her words inflamed us further. Lydia and I both peeled away her
panties. I kicked off my shoes and socks and tore off the rest of my
clothes. My cock, in the grasp of Lydia’s fingers, stuck up at its
full, engorged length— and Lydia brought her sweet full lips and
laving tongue down upon its head. I squeezed and twisted her nipples
with one hand and buried the fingers of the other in her pussy,
slipping through her lips and diddling her clit. She sucked my cock
as she groaned and bucked against me. Her cunt grew as sopping wet as
my cock grew hard. “Oh God, you’re making me hot!” she whispered.
“You’ve already made me hot,” I replied. We kissed again, our eyes
closed; the universe spun around in our stoned, excited minds. I
could taste my sticky- sweet pre-come fluid on Lydia’s lips.

And when we opened our eyes, we almost came for real! Frank and
Nicole were naked now, Nicole stretched out on the bed on her back,
her legs spread wide, her lovely blonde-haired pussy fully open to
Frank’s flickering tongue. One hand drifted like desert sand from
nipples to belly to thigh to inside her knees and under her arms,
where lush, sensuous thickets of blonde hair created secondary cunts.
The other stroked his fat, blood-filled prick. He sighed as he licked
her and told her how lovely her clit looked after he had sucked it
into his fleshy lips and tickled it with his tongue.

In a throaty whisper, Nicole told him what we were doing. “Lydia’s
sucking his prick, honey,” she whispered, her words, like her breath,
coming faster as she spoke. “Oh, she’s got his prick all the way into
her mouth. His prick is so stiff and red and hot! She’s running her
tongue over his prick now! Oh, his prick is shining with saliva! Now
she’s jerking his prick in her hand and slopping her tongue up and
down all over its head! Oh, baby, her spit is running down his prick!
Oh, baby! It’s such a big, red hot, beautiful prick! Oh, God,
watching this is making me so hot!”

Each time she voiced the word prick I felt another shovelful of coal
thrown into my furious furnace of lust. I, for our part, took up
Nicole’s chant for Lydia’s benefit. “He’s eating her, honey,” I
whispered, tangling my fingers in her hair as she sucked and licked
my cock and balls. “He’s going down on her right in front of us.
Frank’s got his tongue in her pussy, his fingers in her cunt. She’s
humping her cunt into his face. She’s going wild, baby! Oh God! It’s
all making me so hot— please don’t make me come just yet!”

With one motion, Lydia was off the couch and on the big bed beside,
them on her back, legs thrust wide, her outstretched arms beckoning
me to join her. “Stick your prick in me!” she demanded. “Fill up my
juicy cunt with your hot prick!” I flung myself at her and we lay
there a moment embracing, my stiff cock not yet penetrating, but
wetly nestled in the crack between her pussy lips.

For one split second we looked at Frank and Nicole again. He was
kneeling between her legs, his thick, hard cock in his hand, its head
gently nuzzling her clit even as mine was with Lydia. Nicole gasped:
“Oh, fuck me, honey! Fuck me while they watch! Let them see you fuck
me!” Then, as we watched, Frank inched the head of his prick
between her flayed wet lips— and in one slow, stroke buried his
shaft in her steaming cunt. Lydia groaned beneath me: “Oh come on,
you hot bastard, fuck me too!”

And I did. My prick slid into her full length and she rose to meet
it. “Oh God, it’s so good,” she moaned, and turning her head to
Nicole, who was only inches away, she repeated with increasing
passion: “It’s so fucking good, his prick! I love his prick! I love
to feel his prick in me!” And then an astonishing thing happened:
Lydia and Nicole began kissing— wetly, hotly, their tongues
slathering in and out of each other’s mouths, while they crooned
incoherently, “Oh prick! Oh fuck! Oh cunt! Oh prick!” Looking back, I
can’t tell who was saying what, but a duet of lust poured from them
both: “Fuck! I love to fuck! I love to be fucked! I love a stiff hot
prick! Is your prick good? Oh, my, YES! Oh, it’s so GOOD! Oh, fill
my cunt with prick! Oh, my cunt! Oh, Sweet Jesus! Prick!”

Never had Lydia’s cunt felt hotter, tighter, wetter, or more out of
control. Never had she thrown herself so wildly into our fucking. We
rolled over without separating so she was on top. She straddled my
hips and sat down on my cock, not riding up and down but burying it
deep and bumping and grinding and wiggling her hot cunt around in a
frenzy. She was facing Frank now, her head thrown back, her eyes
rolled up in her head, her fingers spreading her pussy lips and
diddling her own clit, her beautiful tits outthrust and hungry.

And then our intimate life together took a wondrous, irreversible
turn. Never again would we doubt the joys of multiple partners! I
turned my head and warmly kissed Nicole’s wet nearby mouth, and as I
did, Frank reached out for Lydia’s tits. His prick was still buried
in his wife’s gaping cunt. But now his fingers were squeezing Lydia’s
nipples too. And suddenly, even as she rode on top of me, she was
kissing him, her tongue slaving in and out of his mouth. Now one of
his hands was tangled in her tousled hair, holding her mouth to his;
the other was diddling her clit even as my cock ground round and
round beneath it. “Do it!” Lydia cried. “Do it! Don’t stop!”

Frank felt his Nicole was approaching her orgasm. He sighed with this
wonder of fucking his lady while caressing a stranger. The stranger,
my lady, sighed with him. Deep, guttural groans tore from her throat;
she twisted to one side and I slipped out of her. They tumbled over
together to the far side of the bed and she was on her back for him
as she had been for me, reaching for his now-monstrous prick and
spreading open her cunt and whispering, “Please! You fuck me now!”
And I watched her take him into her, and listened to each word: “Oh,
stuff me! Shove your prick up deep! ” Her breasts were flushed with
the roseate rash of passion; her breath husked like a furnace, while
behind her rolling eyes, her stoney dreamlike sunrise swirled through
fantastic pastel colors and kindred shapes.

Without a word, without even breaking our kiss, Nicole — Frank’s
wife— slid beneath me. I rolled between her thighs, felt against my
cock that hot, swampy pussy made wet by her husband’s prick, and then
I buried my own prick in her cunt to the balls. The sensation was
indescribable. For the first time in my life, I was fucking the cunt
of a strange, unknown woman while my lady looked on beside us— and
I in turn was watching another man’s stranger-prick sliding in and
out of that sweet wet cunt I knew so well. And it was no less
overpowering for Lydia and Nicole, for the two women had turned into
lust-filled animals.

Lydia, her eyes locked on mine, was loving every inch and heated
moment of it. “He’s fucking me, Art, fucking me with his big prick,”
she cried through her teeth, “and I’m going to come with him inside
me!” Frank moaned, “Oh, Lydia, you sweet cunt! What a sweet new cunt
to wrap around my prick!” “Shove your big prick into it,” Lydia
grunted. “I want to come, I want to come on your hot meat! I want you
to come in me and feel your hot juice squirt up into me!”

Then her words disintegrated into gottaral grunts and moans; her face
grimaced with passion and her eyes pressed shut. Frank stiffened,
thrust his prick all the way into my lady’s sweet wet cunt, and held
it there deep, deep inside her. His buttocks and balls began to jerk
in the throes of orgasm, and all I could make out was Lydia’s
half-mad chant: “I’m coming! On a strange new prick, I’m COMING! Oh,
God, I’M COMING! Oh God, YES! Oh, squirt in me! COME in me! SQUIRT

My head was spinning with the grass. I was beside myself with raw
lust and inborn fantasies. My lady was being fucked silly by a
stranger on the other side of the bed, and I was buried to the balls
in a woman no less strange. And we were reveling in the dizzying,
stoned excitement of it all. The room’s pastel colors spun behind my
eyes like tinted spinning spider webs. The pale curtains billowed in
the breeze off the tropic sea. Nicole and I humped and rolled about
and then lay still, my prick buried in her, her cunt wrapped around
my prick. We kissed and moaned and clasped our arms around each
other, feeling contact down the full, sweaty length of our limbs.
With her blood-hot pussy, this woman beneath me was pumping and
squeezing my cock like a fist.

“Oh Nicole,” I whispered, “your cunt is sweet as lichees! I never
felt a cunt so sweet before. Squeeze me with your deep hot pussy,
baby! Squeeze me with your cunt!” Nicole bucked and humped and pumped
and squeezed my hungry cock. “And I love your big zucchini prick!”
she replied. “Don’t stop! I love it! I love the way you fuck me! I
love the feel of your big hot stranger’s prick!”

I winnowed my prick in on one side of her cunt, then withdrew against
the other. I pushed it back along that side, then pulled it out the
other. I plunged it down the middle of her cunt and held it there in
gentle, fitful circles, and she gasped. It was all the heat from all
the pussies I’d ever fucked, and it was getting hotter with every
moment. And looking into Frank’s eyes, Nicole spoke too— smiling
and matter-of-factly, at first: “Art’s FUCKING me, Frank!” she said,
almost as if mildly surprised. The head of my prick was rubbing the
full length of her cunt now, down to the deep, rubbery entrance to
her womb.

She twitched. She gasped as if dying. A spasmodic tremor wracked her
cunt and hips. And suddenly she was overwhelmed with lust, and her
words tumbled from her lips like kaleidoscopic stones: “Oh, God! His
balls are hitting my ass! His prick’s all the way in my cunt! He’s
got such a sweet hard prick! A new prick, Frank! Not your prick,
Frank! Another man’s big fat prick is fucking me- — fucking and
sliding and burrowing in and out of my hot, wet, wild cunt!”

And then she went mad with movement, skewering her rotating hips on
my cock, and a new urgency rose up out of her cries: “And oh, Frank,
I’m going to come on that prick! I’m going to COME, Frank. Art’s
fucking my CUNT and I’m coming on this big new wonderful PRICK!” Her
words carried me over the brink. My cock throbbed and jerked twice.
My juice blasted up from my balls, flooding into the deepest recesses
of her wondrous, widening cunt, and we clung to each other and cried


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