Enjoyed sister-in-law’s friend’s pussy Hot Desi Bhabi Ki Chudai

Hello friends, my name is Deepak and I am from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and work in a 4 star hotel.
My height is 5 feet 11 inches and my body is also fine. The size of my penis is 7 inches long and thick which can quench anyone’s thirst. Hot Desi Bhabi Ki Chudai

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Although I have enjoyed a lot of pussies but this hot desi bhabi’s sex story is something different.

This is 2 months old from today.
I seduced and fucked my sister-in-law’s friend.

Let me tell you about my sister-in-law.
My sister-in-law is a lawyer and my brother is also a lawyer.

My sister-in-law’s friend’s name is Ruby and she is 35 years old.
She is a married woman.
If I talk about it, her body size is 32-30-34 and she is absolutely amazing to look at.

If I tell you a little about her husband, her husband is a cleaning worker in a hotel in Dubai and he comes home only once in a year and that too only for a month.

One day, it was raining heavily and it was time for Ruby Bhabhi to arrive.
The rain was not stopping.

Then I got a call from Ruby Bhabhi and she said – Deepak, can you come to pick me up?
So I said – Sister-in-law, it is raining heavily and in such a situation how can I come to pick you up.

I said this deliberately, I wanted to see what Ruby Bhabhi would say.
Then Ruby Bhabhi said a little angrily – If your girlfriend had called you now, you would have come right away. And I am calling for help, so you will not come.
Hearing this I said to Ruby Bhabhi – I am joking. I am coming right now to pick you up. See you at school!

Friends, I knew where his school was.

I took my bike and left to pick up my sister-in-law.
After 20 minutes I came home with Ruby Bhabie.

But due to the road being very bad on the way, I had to apply brakes again and again, due to which Bhabhi’s breasts were getting pressed against my waist, in which I was enjoying a lot.
From that day Ruby Bhabhi’s perspective of me had changed.

One day there was no one at home and it was afternoon so Ruby Bhabhi called me and said – Come inside, I have prepared samosas, both of us eat together.
I told Ruby- I came in just 2 minutes.

After this, Ruby Bhabhi and I both sat together and started eating samosas and talking.
Then sister-in-law said- Deepak, don’t you have any setting?
I said- No sister-in-law, what setting will be made for me poor.

She laughed at this.

Then I said – Ruby Bhabhi, if I find someone like you, I will definitely make it.
On this he said – Why do you want to make someone like me?
I said- You are very beautiful and also very hot. Your husband is very lucky to have a loving wife like you.

On this, sister-in-law said- Do you find me hot and sexy?
I said- yes.
On this she said- Okay thank you.

After this, gradually we started laughing, joking and talking to each other a lot.
The conversation started increasing on phone and WhatsApp also.
I started dreaming of fucking her day and night and even fisted her name many times.

After a few days, I started touching her and even joking with her.

Then after a few days, a call came from the village that Baba Ji was very unwell, so everyone should come home.
And all the villagers went home.
But mother told me – you stay at home and take care. If Ruby Bhabhi needs anything, then do her work.

Saying this, everyone went away and there was happiness in my mind and also sadness for Baba Ji.

Ruby Bhabhi also came home in the afternoon.
He asked me- Where has everyone gone?
So I told him everything.

She also expressed her grief and went to her room.

Ruby Bhabhi called me for dinner at night.

I was setting two pegs in my room. Hearing Ruby Bhabhi’s voice, I immediately went to her room.
But he smelled the smell of alcohol coming from my mouth.

On which she smiled and said – You are drinking alone. Ask us sometime!
I was very happy about this and I understood that the work would be done today.

I took the liquor bottle from my room and went to Ruby Bhabhi’s room.

After this, sister-in-law and I drank two pegs each.

Then Ruby Bhabhi said – Today is my chance after a year, it was fun.

Then I asked Ruby Bhabhi – Bhabhi, how do you get interested?
So she said – How can I tell… I miss him, but what can I do.

Then Ruby Bhabhi immediately moved towards my mouth and started lip kissing me.
I also fully supported my sister-in-law.

After this, I lifted Ruby Bhabhi in my lap and started licking her lips with my tongue and started pressing her breasts.

Ruby Bhabhi was moaning slowly and sounds of ‘uff aahhh haaa’ were coming from her mouth.
Sometimes I was sucking her breasts and sometimes I was sucking her lips.

Slowly I was moving my hands in her panties also.

I saw that her pussy had become wet with water.
Then I started fingering sister-in-law’s pussy.

Sister-in-law also gradually started getting excited and started making noises from her mouth and gradually I made her completely naked.
At the same time, I started licking her body and she was moaning ‘Uff Uff Aaah Hahaa’ coming out of her mouth.

She said- Deepak and lick it deep inside, there is a lot of heat in my pussy.

I had once ejaculated from Ruby Bhabhi after having oral sex for 20 minutes.

I said to sister-in-law – Sister-in-law, now take my penis in your mouth.

As soon as I said this, she started licking my penis like a hungry lioness.
I was having so much fun, what can I say!
Let me tell you one thing friends… I enjoy licking pussy a lot.

After this, I laid Ruby back down and started licking her pussy once again.

After about 10 minutes, Ruby Bhabhi said – Now stop it… I can’t bear it anymore, extinguish my fire quickly!

I immediately made a big bag and gave it to Ruby Bhabhi.
After that, I immediately applied the cream and placed my penis on Ruby Bhabhi’s pussy and inserted half the penis inside with a strong jerk.

She held my waist tightly and started saying – Stop it!
Then I started fucking sister-in-law in doggy style.

After having sex in doggy style for about 10 minutes, she said – I am in a lot of pain!
So I kissed her and made her lie down again and stood up myself and started fucking her slowly.

This time, when I started fucking at full speed, the sound of ‘fuch-fuch’ was heard in the whole room.
Ruby Bhabhi would sometimes say – Today I will definitely die, I am in pain.

Then I stood close to the wall and started fucking my sister-in-law.
Was having a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Ruby Bhabhi had released her water twice.
But mine was not done yet.

Friends, I swear that even after 40 minutes of fucking, I had not ejaculated.
This can happen due to alcohol.

And now Ruby Bhabhi was saying – Please Deepak, don’t do it now. I’m jealous.
Then I lip kissed Bhabhi and after 10 minutes started fucking her at full speed.

Sister-in-law held me tightly and pricked her nails all over my waist and kept saying aah aah aah aah aah uff… today I will die… hhh uff hui iiiiii hhh hahha aaa aa.

After that I released my semen inside Ruby Bhabhi.
By then it was 8 o’clock at night.

We rested for some time and then had dinner.
Then we both rested.

While talking amongst themselves, sister-in-law said – Till date, I had never had such sex even with my husband.

As soon as she said this, my penis became ready to be fucked once again.

For oral sex, we tried 69 position and sucked each other a lot.

After that sister-in-law’s mood suddenly changed and she said – This time I will fuck you.
As soon as I said this, sister-in-law came over me and sat on my penis and started moving up and down.

After some time, I made sister-in-law lie down and inserted my penis from behind and fucked her hard for 10 minutes.

By now Bhabhi’s water had come out and she was making uff ff ahh shee sounds.
Due to the pussy being wet, intoxicating sounds of fuch fuch fuch fuch were coming.

And meanwhile my water also came out.

That night we had sex only twice because Bhabhi had been fucked after a long time and hence her pussy was swollen.
And we didn’t even realize when we fell asleep.

We opened our eyes at 10 in the morning.
Sister-in-law said- What’s the matter my Sona… you made me happy last night. But baby, I still have a lot of pain down there!

As soon as I heard this, I started kissing my sister-in-law.
Then I asked sister-in-law to suck my penis.

Sister-in-law took my penis in her mouth and sucked it hard and this time I ejaculated in sister-in-law’s mouth.

Now Ruby Bhabi said- Come on, freshen up. I make breakfast for both of us.

We started kissing again after breakfast.
Sometimes she was caressing my face and sometimes my penis.
And me on his ass!

Then I said to sister-in-law – Sister-in-law, I want to fuck your ass.
So he flatly refused.
I also did not say anything on this.

I made her lie straight and started fucking her.
I joined both her legs to my chest and suddenly I inserted my penis into sister-in-law’s pussy with one stroke.

Sister-in-law suddenly started screaming.
But I had suppressed them.

Tears came from his eyes.
Then I slowly started moving in and out.

When she started enjoying fucking hot desi bhabhi, I fucked her at full speed.

In the meantime, sister-in-law screamed and started crying several times.

Then sister-in-law got her ass fucked by herself.
Meanwhile, she had orgasmed once.
I also released my semen into sister-in-law’s pussy.

In this way we had a lot of sex for 10 days.

I will tell in the next story how Bhabhi became pregnant and how I fucked Bhabhi’s ass.

How did you like my story? Please do let me know!
If there is any mistake, please forgive me.


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