I am like Resma

When I went to Delhi for college studies, I felt the air of that city and my complexion changed. My blooming youth was looking for water, which I found in my own house.

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My name is Reshma. I am a resident of Darbhanga, Bihar. My father is a government officer in Bihar, so there is a lot of luxury in the house. Our wish is fulfilled even before it comes to our tongue. My mother also has modern thoughts and is very fond of dressing up.

I am the only child of my parents in my family, so nothing is prohibited for me. When I asked about studying in a big city after 10th class, my parents immediately said yes. Since there is a lot of money in our house, there was no question of living expenses coming in between.

When I asked for admission in Delhi, father talked to his friend. Papa’s friend got me admitted in a renowned college in Delhi. I was very happy. I had heard a lot about Delhi from my friends so I was very excited to stay there.

Since I was a girl and a resident of another state, I got a hostel soon. Papa dropped me at the hostel and went back after a day. I was new in the city and was not familiar with the environment of Delhi, so I was not able to talk to anyone much.

But as I got to know other girls of the hostel, I also slowly started adjusting to that environment. Now my roommate had become my good friend. She was from Delhi and hence was very fun-loving.

My shyness and hesitation were now beginning to be revealed to a great extent. Although there were no restrictions of any kind at home, the joy I was enjoying living the life of a hostel girl was something I would never have been able to experience in my small town.

There were no restrictions here and no one to watch. There was complete freedom to do whatever one wanted. Yes, but outside the four walls of the hostel, we all had to live like other girls. But there was a lot of fun and enjoyment inside.

One day my roommate was reading something on her phone. I thought she might be busy chatting on social media sites like Facebook. But after some time she started caressing her pussy.

She was not hesitating at all in front of me. Although there was a lot of fun and joking between us, till date I had never seen him doing such obscene acts.

When she saw that I was watching her caressing her pussy, she asked – What happened? Don’t you feel like caressing your pussy?
I hesitated and said, “Dammit, what are you talking about?”

She said- Hey don’t be shy, tell me.
She was caressing her pussy rapidly with her hand inside her panty.
Then suddenly she also removed her panty. Her pussy suddenly became naked.

I saw that there was a sticky fluid on her pussy. She started moaning while caressing her pussy with two fingers in front of me.
For the first time that day, something tickled inside me.

He said- Come to me.
I went and sat close to my friend. She showed that she was reading a sister-brother sex story on the Hindi sex story site called Antarvasna on the phone.

I said- How can this happen between brother and sister?
She said- Hey, everything happens. Earlier I too did not believe that all this could happen but when I got fucked by my elder brother’s penis, I also believed it.

My eyes widened in surprise after hearing what he said.
Then she placed my hand on her pussy.
Her pussy was very hot from which fluid was continuously coming out.

As soon as I placed my hand on my friend’s pussy, my hand itself started caressing her pussy. Now she started enjoying lesbian sex with me while moaning with pleasure. I also started caressing her pussy faster. While caressing her pussy, my pussy also started getting wet.

That day for the first time I felt such a tickling sensation in my pussy. I put my finger inside my friend’s pussy. She suddenly got filled with fun and started lifting her pussy while reading a sex story on the mobile phone.

My finger was going in and out of my friend’s pussy. I caressed her pussy for five-seven minutes and then suddenly a lot of water started coming out from her pussy. My entire hand got wet with the juice from her pussy.

Then she became calm. He handed me his phone. I also started reading sex stories on Antarvasna. That day I came to know about Antarvasna Hindi sex story for the first time. There was a story of sex between a girl and her cousin.

While reading that story my pussy became completely wet. A cousin of mine also lived near my house. I don’t know when thoughts of his penis started coming to my mind. I had never thought about him like this before. But that day I felt like holding his penis in my hand and enjoying it by rubbing it on my pussy.

That night my friend licked my pussy with her tongue. I ejaculated for the first time and I felt such pleasure that I became addicted to it. Now every third day we both had lesbian sex with my friend in the hostel.

Sometimes I used to play with her breasts and lick her pussy and sometimes she used to press my breasts hard and finger my pussy. It had been a long time since I enjoyed lesbian sex with her.

Now I started feeling like seeing the penis of a young boy, touching it and taking it into my pussy. My thirst for my cousin was increasing every day. I had decided that this time when I go home, I will keep his penis in my pussy.

I became quite open with my friend. Apart from that, I also had a lot of fun and enjoyment with my other friends. After watching my friends, I also got tattoos on my navel and my neck. I had got piercings done till the top of my ears and had put earrings in them. I wanted to go with full preparation to excite my cousin.

Then when college holidays came, father came to take me. Once he couldn’t even recognize me. My appearance had changed. But I was his darling so he didn’t say anything. I came back to my home. Within a year my appearance had changed completely. Now whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I started feeling proud of myself.

It was summer and my cousin on the adjacent terrace would often see me walking in the evening. The terrace of my uncle’s house and our house were adjacent to each other. I also used to reach the terrace in the evening.

One day, I was walking on the terrace waiting for my cousin. After some time he came up for air. That day I was wearing a deep neck top through which my bust and my breasts were almost half naked.

Even then I was leaning on the boundary wall of the terrace. So that the view of my breasts directly collides with the eyes of my cousin. As soon as he came up, his attention fell on my breasts. But as soon as he saw this, his face turned red with shame. He turned his face to the other side.

My cousin was actually a very shy boy. He was a young boy of 21-22 years. Seeing his penis rising from his shorts, my pussy felt a pang. His appearance was good and his body was also strong. But he was excessively shy.

Tried a lot to provoke him but perhaps he was not able to take initiative from his side. I had thought that by making his penis erect, I would quench my pussy’s thirst with his penis.

One day our family members had gone out somewhere. I called Shailesh (cousin) to my house.
He said- What is the work?
I said- The set top box of our TV has suddenly stopped working. If you know anything about it then take a look.
He said- Okay, I will come after some time.

I came back to my room. I quickly took off my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel and got ready to take a bath. My plan was to show my breasts to Shailesh and excite him.

After some time he was at the main gate of the house. I opened Antarvasna Hindi sex story site on the phone and kept the phone near the TV. After that I put on the gown and went to open the gate. Shailesh was surprised to see me in the gown.
But then I said – It’s good that you have come. I was getting bored without TV.

After that I brought him inside. I picked up my bra and started taking it to the bathroom in front of him. That poor guy was crying with shame. I said that while I take a bath, you just look at the set top box. He nodded yes and I went inside.

I didn’t go inside and close the door completely. I saw from inside that Shailesh saw the set top box and his eyes went to my phone kept nearby. He picked up the phone in his hand and started looking at it.

I already had the story of brother-sister sex and sex open in the phone. He started reading the story. His face was turning red suddenly. I noticed that while reading the story, his penis had also started taking shape. He was caressing his penis with his hand.

My work was done. I quickly wet my body. She also wet her hair and wore bra and panty and wrapped a towel over it. I came out within three-four minutes.

Coming out, I saw that my cousin was busy reading a sex story on the phone with his hand on his penis. But as soon as he heard that I was coming out, he kept the phone aside and started pretending to check the TV. His penis was clearly visible in his shorts.

Coming out I asked – Did you find out anything?
He said hurriedly – No sister, I am seeing what the problem is.
I came near him. The strip of my bra was clearly visible outside the towel. Shailesh’s condition started getting tight after seeing the drops of water lying on my chest line.

His hands started trembling.
I said- What happened brother, are you feeling fine?
He said- Yes…yes…just like this I am feeling a little hot.
I took off the towel and he started staring at my breasts captured in my bra.

I said- I am also feeling hot.
Having said this, I placed my hand on his erect penis in his shorts.
He said- Sister… what is this… what are you doing? we are siblings. All this… is not right…
I said- Sssssssssssssssssssssss up!

By placing my finger on Shailesh’s lips, I made him place his hand on the breasts captured in my bra. His penis started jerking. I started opening her shirt. I took off his shirt and put it aside.

I slowly placed my hot lips on her trembling lips and started sucking her lips. He also started drinking the juice of my lips while pressing my ass. I unhooked my bra and freed my breasts.

My big breasts were naked in front of him. He kissed the tattoo on my neck and started kissing my nipples while coming towards my breasts. I made him put his hand on my pussy over my panty.

His hand was now caressing my netted white panty. For the first time I was feeling the touch of a boy’s hand on my pussy. I took him there and lay down on the sofa. Putting my hand in his shorts, I caught hold of his penis and started caressing it.

We both started playing with each other’s body parts. Now Shailesh’s shyness was also exposed. He was caressing my pussy with his hand rapidly and I was moving my hand up and down on his penis.

After that I also took off my panty. My pussy had become wet. I pushed Shailesh towards my pussy and pressed his mouth on mine. I started pushing my pussy towards his lips. He also got excited and started sucking and licking my pussy with his tongue.

I got so much pleasure that I became uncontrollable. I removed her shorts and made her completely naked. I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it rapidly. This is my first experience of sucking a man’s penis in my mouth. But the thirst for sex was such that it was a lot of fun.

Shailesh kept licking my pussy rapidly with his tongue and I kept sucking his penis. When his penis suddenly became hard, I spread my legs in front of him and opened my pussy in front of him. He knew what he had to do.

He placed his penis on my pussy and started rubbing the tip of his penis on my pussy. Both of us were completely naked. There was so much fun and excitement that I lost consciousness. He kept caressing my pussy with his cock for a minute or two and I was yearning to get fucked.

I said – Put it in now please… fuck your sister… please.
While sucking my breasts vigorously, he gave a blow to my pussy and his lubricated penis suddenly entered my pussy. I felt a lot of pain once but I also had the experience of getting my pussy fingered with a friend, so it soon became normal.

In just two-three thrusts, Shailesh inserted his penis into my pussy. Now he started fucking my pussy fast and I started getting excited. I started kissing her lips. He also lay down on me and started pushing his penis vigorously into my pussy.

I don’t know whether he had fucked any girl’s pussy before or not but his enthusiasm that day was worth seeing. Sometimes he was sucking my navel and sometimes he was massaging my nipples.

In fifteen minutes he gave such pleasure to my pussy that for the first time I ejaculated through the penis. I blossomed from within. I pulled Shailesh on me and squeezed his penis in my pussy.

Meanwhile, semen also came out from his penis and he ejaculated into my pussy with strokes after strokes. We both remained lying naked on top of each other for five minutes. Then we got up and took a shower together.

While taking shower, I once again made him erect by sucking his penis. He fucked my pussy once again in the shower and then we came out. I was very tired that day. Now the relationship between Shailesh and me was no longer just that of brother and sister.

From that day onwards, as long as I stayed at home, I got my pussy fucked by my cousin. Sometimes on the terrace and sometimes in the bathroom. Sometimes in a hotel and sometimes in a deserted area. Now I had become a complete slut.