Jagrata of my mother and uncle

I came to know about my mother’s inner desires. Now I started keeping an eye on mother. How did an uncle from the neighborhood fuck my mother? Enjoy reading this hot story!

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Hello readers, in
my previous story
My cousin gifted my mother’s pussy to his friend,
I had told you that I had seen my mother having sex with my cousin and his friend in the village.
This story is the next part of that.

We stayed in the village for about 7 days and in those 7 days, mother had sex with Sonu and Abhinav about 20 times.

Now the time of our return was approaching, so we bid farewell to everyone and returned back to Uttar Pradesh. After coming back to Uttar Pradesh, I had no trust in my mother at all.
My mother had sucked Suraj’s penis and fucked her pussy and at the same time had also given a share of her affection to Abhinav.
I was sure that mother was so active, so it was obvious that she would be spreading her magic here too; I would never have noticed.

So I thought that from now on I will keep an eye on all his activities.

As I told you in the previous story, I have installed applications in mother’s phone through which I could read her calls and messages.

So coming straight to the story, it is about the time when a new couple came to live in our building and they also held a Jagran along with the housewarming ceremony.
The secretary of the society planned to organize a puja in the building. All the people in the building agreed.

I was listening to all the chat and call recordings of mom but I could not find anything in it.

Then I thought that maybe mother had gotten herself killed because of Sonu.
Maybe Maa Sharif is the one!
Maybe that might have happened for the first time!

But I was wrong because I heard an uncle from one building and his friend who lives in the same building as us saying that they will fuck her in Jagran.
At first I could not understand who was talking and I had some suspicion that maybe it was my mother.

Then that evening also came. All of us boys were busy preparing for the puja, someone was preparing something, I too was outside somewhere, everyone was busy in work.
Mother was also busy in preparations.

On one hand, I was wondering how they would be able to enjoy sex in such a crowded environment. But on the other hand, I also knew that even if they had sex, no one would pay attention to them because everyone would be busy in Jagran.

Soon it was 10:00 at night and my mother was still inside Jagran along with other women.
So I thought uncle might be talking about someone else because Ajay uncle was also there and other uncles were not visible.
I thought that perhaps the other uncle might be busy somewhere else, so I went upstairs to look on the floor and could not find anything from there.

Then Ajay uncle’s phone rang and he went out because there was a lot of noise due to Jagran. So Ajay uncle went to the terrace and I secretly followed him to the terrace to listen to his talks.

Uncle was angry at someone. Perhaps he was angry at Reddy uncle – Why can’t you come today? Why can’t I get your room?
Etc et cetera!
It was clear that their plan was getting cancelled.

Ajay uncle had now resorted to abusing and after some time he hung up the phone and seemed to be thinking.

Then Ajay uncle called someone else and started talking; He said – Hey brother, there is a material, if you want to work on it, will you get a room?
“Yes yes…it is him!”
He must have said something but I couldn’t hear it.

A little more time passed in this manner. Uncle also came down after 10 minutes and gave a little signal to mom.
And both Ajay uncle and mom left the room.

I was not there at that time because my cunt friend dragged me somewhere else.
We turned around and came back after some time, I went back to Jagran.

There I saw that neither my mother nor my uncle was there.
I wondered where they would go so late at night.

Now it was like shooting an arrow in the dark. I listened to the call recording, there was no sign of mom in it because both uncle and mother were at the same place, so they could not have talked to each other on the phone.

Still, I wondered and thought that perhaps he might be somewhere on the upper floors. Our house is on the first floor.

I went to the second floor, listened to every room because it had been almost 10 minutes since he left, if something happened then the sound would definitely come from inside.
It was with this thought in mind that I went there.

And as soon as we reached the third floor, it seemed as if a miracle had happened. I stopped near the room and heard voices coming from inside.
I listened and a voice was very familiar. That was my mother’s voice. I understood as soon as I heard it.

And after seeing the room, I was very moved. The room belonged to my friend Vishu (though he is four years older than me, he is 22.) Now I was not able to understand that when Ajay uncle took my mother and both of them were in Vishu’s room, then what Vishu was not there?

I went down and looked for Vishu but Vishu was not there, I called him but his phone was switched off.
I thought that perhaps Vishu might have gone out as I had not seen him for many days.

The main gate of the flats is made of iron, there is a wooden gate inside it.
By chance, they were holding their program ahead and the mesh of the door of Vishu’s gate was torn, so I took a stick and tried to open the gate from inside with the broken mesh. Opened the wooden gate a little more which was already a little open.

Now the gate had opened so much that I could see the bed inside. I saw that a candle light type light was burning on the bed, that is, it was a very dim light.
But inside it I was able to see both of them clearly. The lights will be dim so that no one can see them.

Now it was such that uncle was sitting and mother was near his lap. They were talking lovingly. Ajay uncle was playing with my mother’s hair.

Then uncle pulled down the pallu of mother’s saree and started looking at mother’s blouse. Mom was wearing a very tight blouse due to which her boobs were visible in front of uncle. Seeing my mother’s breasts, Ajay uncle said – Wow Suhasini, yours have grown very big.
So mother said – Hey, it is the same as last time.

Then Ajay uncle said in a mischievous tone – You must have had sex with someone in the village. And where was the last time you got fucked? After getting my breasts sucked and masturbating, she immediately ran away.

Mother said to uncle – Yes, there was my brother-in-law’s son in the village, I had fucked him, his penis was bigger than yours.

And both of them started laughing.

Uncle started saying – Friend, you are a very big person, come and fill me a little.
Mother said – Yes, I will definitely fill you. First take off your shirt.

Ajay uncle took off his shirt and mom took off her entire saree. Now mother had come in blouse and petticoat. Uncle was also now only in underwear. Looking at his bulging underwear, it seemed as if he must be the owner of a 7 or 8 inch penis.

He pulled mom towards him and both of them fell on the bed. After that Ajay uncle came over mother and started kissing her vigorously. From a distance it seemed as if there was a competition to eat each other’s tongue.

Ever since people started watching blue films, people have been adopting new ways to enjoy sex. Ajay uncle was also doing the same. Must have adopted some new way of kissing.

Ajay uncle was such a hillbilly. Hill people are a little slow in having sex but uncle was on a completely different level. He was sucking mom so much that she was not able to even breathe.
After about 10 minutes, Ajay uncle released her and mother was now panting badly.

Mother gasped and said – Hey, you will definitely kill someone like this. You had stopped breathing completely.
Then Ajay uncle laughed and said – What a mad woman… she is already talking about killing. Now when I fuck your pussy, your condition will become even worse.
Mother was a little scared.

After this Ajay uncle opened mom’s blouse and mom now came in empty bra. Her big breasts couldn’t even be handled in a bra.
Ajay uncle pulled it due to which mom’s bra got torn from behind.

Mother got a little angry at first but Ajay uncle interrupted her and placed his lips on her lips and kissed her deeply.
As soon as the kiss was given, mother’s hands automatically moved towards Ajay uncle’s penis. Now mother was playing with uncle’s penis.

She put her hand in uncle’s underwear and started moving the foreskin of his penis up and down and started feeling her body on his body. Uncle placed his hand on one of her breasts and started pressing it and with the other hand he started inserting two fingers inside mother’s pussy.

Uncle sat on the floor and made mother sit on the bed and spread her legs so that he could see my mother’s pussy very clearly.
He placed his mother’s legs on his shoulders and placed his mouth on the mouth of her pussy and inserted his tongue into it. Mother placed both her hands backwards and gave a loud moan and started making very sexy sounds.

About 5 minutes passed in this type of program and mother was now completely hot. Ajay uncle also understood this very well now.

Mother was saying in a very sexy way – Ajay, put it in now. I have heard many things from you that you do very well, then Ajay uncle said – who says?
So mother said- Only your wife will speak and who else will?

Ajay uncle said – If you ask any other woman about me, she will also tell.
Mother said- How many have you ruined?
He said – I have not fucked you till now, and I have not fucked the new couple who has come.

So mother laughed and said to him – Hey, he is a new comer, leave him alone.
Uncle said- We do not try to leave anyone but we establish our authority over everyone.
And both of them started laughing.

And now Ajay uncle started preparing his penis.

He went to the kitchen and brought oil, still without a condom.
I was wondering how a woman would have unprotected sex without a condom.
But my mother did it.

Mother applied oil on uncle’s penis and pushed his glans back.
Uncle said- Take it in your mouth.
But my mother refused; Mother said- I don’t take it in my mouth.

Ajay uncle said – Hey, try it, it will be a lot of fun.
Mother was very reluctant, tried to avoid a lot. But Ajay uncle was probably possessed by a ghost, mother kept refusing but Ajay uncle climbed on the bed and inserted his penis in mother’s mouth.

Mother was still not doing anything but Ajay uncle himself was moving his penis back and forth. Mother was trying to take out the penis but Ajay uncle did not allow the penis to come out of her mouth and started moving back and forth.

After some time he said to his mother – Hey, you try it, it will be fun.
And mother accepted the matter.

After some time, mother started sucking his penis and now she was sucking it just like a prostitute.
Ajay uncle said- Hey, take it a little deep inside the throat!

Uncle’s penis will be about 7 inches; Mother was able to take about 5 inches inside. Ajay uncle said- Take it completely!
And Ajay uncle pressed mother’s head into his penis.

Mother was not able to take uncle’s penis completely. Even I could see this much from outside… but cruel Ajay was not able to see it.

When uncle took out the penis from mother’s mouth, mother kept coughing for 2 minutes and said – I will not take it anymore.
But uncle held mother by her hair and brought her near his penis and said – lick these eggs.
Mother was not able to tolerate such rough sex and was talking about leaving.

Then Ajay uncle put his eggs in my mother’s mouth and asked her to lick them.
Although mother was somewhat angry, she still licked the penis very well and got her throat wet with uncle’s penis.

In that dim light, Ajay uncle’s penis was shining like a diamond which had just been finished.
Now the time had come to put that diamond in the cave.

Uncle pushed mother downwards and stood up himself and brought mother in such a position that her pussy was hanging out. He placed his penis on mother’s pussy and inserted it inside and about 2 inches of his penis entered inside.

My mother struggled a little. Uncle laid himself on top of mother and started pushing her and slowly, 4 or 5 inches of uncle’s penis reached inside mother’s pussy. Mother was feeling the friction happening on her pussy and was moaning Ummmm… Ahhh… Hay… Yah… and her painful screams were also there.

Uncle fucked her in that position for ten minutes and after that Ajay uncle stepped back a little. Obviously they did not want to put their stuff inside my mother.

Now he bent mother’s legs so that her feet came on Ajay uncle’s shoulders and Ajay uncle placed his hands next to mother’s shoulders and started pushing vigorously.

In that position, mother might have been getting fucked for the first time and now mother was feeling pain. Mother was telling him – Hey Ajay, slow down a little…slow down a little…slow down!
But uncle was not stopping and he was saying – Darling, I have met you after so many days, I will not leave you! I will enjoy your body to the fullest. If I had someone like you at my house, I would have kept her naked in the morning and evening and fucked her hard.

Mom said in pain – Oh no problem, from today onwards I am yours. But today you take it easy! I will be in a lot of pain later.
Ajay said – No, I will fuck you in such a way that you will not be able to walk for a week. And when your pain gets cured then I will fuck you again and I will keep you lame for the rest of your life.

I felt like laughing after hearing this!

Mom was moaning in pain and Ajay uncle’s penis was entering and coming out of mom’s pussy like a missile.
After some time uncle again moved away.

Mother had hardly breathed a sigh of relief when Ajay uncle turned mother into a mare and inserted his penis into her pussy. All this work happened so fast that I understood that Ajay uncle is a very old rice.

In mare position, uncle applied oil on mother’s pussy and then he held mother by her hair and fucked her exactly like they do in a blue film. He showed no mercy to his mother at all, grabbed her shoulders and started moving his shoulders and his waist back and forth very quickly.

Perhaps uncle was not feeling comfortable in that situation, that is why he himself came down, lowered mother also and asked mother to lie on the bed in the same position, that is, half of mother’s body was on the bed and her feet were on the ground.

In that position, uncle inserted his penis in my mother’s pussy and fucked my mother’s pussy vigorously.

The sound of thumping was heard outside the room. Those people were not paying any attention to how open the gate was that any person could see outside.
My mother and her friend, busy in sex, were having their own awakening.

Then uncle said – I am about to ejaculate.
So mother said- Don’t put it in the pussy.
Ajay asked- What should I do then? Should I put it on my stomach only?

But Ajay uncle told mother – You do this, come in 69 position.
Mother refused and said – I will not take it. It looks strange. And now you will even cum in my mouth.

Ajay said – Sweetheart, everything happens for the first time and it also feels strange. But once you get used to it, you will come to me yourself to take my stuff in your mouth.

At first mother thought a lot, then after some thinking she said yes.

Now Ajay uncle put mother in the same position and now Ajay uncle’s penis was in mother’s mouth and mother’s pussy was near uncle’s mouth. Ajay inserted his finger in mother’s pussy and put his tongue in it and was sucking it like a dog.

Mother’s face was on the other side and was covered by uncle’s feet, so I could not see it. But I was seeing that uncle was fucking mother’s mouth with the same intensity with which he was licking mother’s pussy.

And after 10 minutes Ajay uncle ejaculated. Mother also orgasmed along with me.
Mother said- Hey, I drank all your water. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.
Uncle- See, I told you that everything happens for the first time in life. And one should enjoy everything.

Both of them got up and sat down.

Then I heard some rattling sound from inside and from there again my friend Vishu came out. The ground slipped beneath my feet.
I thought whether mom will fuck my friends too now? That too together?

Jumping with my friend with whom I play so much.

Well, it is a different matter about the village, everything goes on in the village. But in the city where I have to live, I am seeing someone who lives with me, the same man fucks my mother! Strange how strange it feels.

Vishu said- Uncle, is it yours?
Uncle said- Yes son, I am done. Now I can’t do it.
And uncle went and sat on the sofa. But I could not see them because the sofa was right next to the door.

And now it was Vishu’s turn. Mother told him – I like you very much, I was waiting for you for a long time, now look, we will have sex in your own bed in your house.

Vishu said- Yes aunty, I befriended Ankur only for you. And today that dream of mine is going to be fulfilled in which I will fuck your pussy.

And both of them started laughing.

My friend made my mother lie on the bed.

So let’s end today’s story here and I will tell you the further story later.
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