Mother’s body pleasures

I wanted to fuck my mother but father died in an accident. All the responsibilities of the house fell on me. What happened to my dream of having fun with mom’s body?

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Hi friends, I Pawan from Aurangabad, have once again brought my story for you. In the previous part of my sex story, I had told you that one night I had seen my mother sucking my father’s penis . From that day onwards my attraction for my mother’s naked body had increased. I tried hard to see their sex but I could not succeed. After that we shifted to another house. Even after going there, I did not get a chance and I came up with an idea. I made holes in all the windows and doors of my house. One day in the afternoon I saw my mother and father having sex. From that day onwards I started dreaming of fucking my mother like that. Days were passing and meanwhile my father died untimely. He had an accident due to which he could not survive due to head injury. After father’s death, the responsibility of the house now fell on my shoulders. My sister was elder than me but I had to run the house. Now I also had to earn money to run the house. I left my studies and now I started working. Now the whole atmosphere of the house had changed. The income in the house was less but father’s fear was over now. After the responsibility of the house came upon me, now all small and big decisions of the house were taken only after consulting me. My mother now lived with me as if I was her husband. She used to ask me about everything. Now there was shortage of money so we could not pay the rent of a big house, so all three of us again thought of renting a cheaper and smaller house. We could no longer afford that big house. We quickly found a small house. That house was very small with only one room. After shifting to a smaller house, all three of us used to sleep in the same room. I used to sleep on the bed. Mother used to sleep next to me and sister used to sleep below me. Since mother now slept next to me, I could easily enjoy my mother’s body. I kept looking at her body. It happened one night that I was lying down. I had not yet slept deeply. After some time I saw some movement. When I turned my head, I saw mother’s hand moving. When I looked carefully, mother’s hand was towards the front. His back was towards me and his hand was moving continuously. I came to know that mother was fingering her pussy. Just seeing this made my penis erect. Mother was not aware that I was watching all this because her face was in the other direction. I also took out my penis from my underwear and started masturbating her while shaking my penis. Seeing my mother’s action, my penis had become fully aroused. I was thinking that today I have got a very good opportunity to fuck my mother’s pussy. I was unable to control myself and felt like inserting my penis into my mother’s pussy. With my hand I caught hold of mother’s hand with which she was caressing her pussy. As soon as I held her hand, she was completely shocked. He shook my hand suddenly. She suddenly pulled down her saree and turned towards me and her hand accidentally touched my erect penis. She had accidentally caught hold of my penis. When she realized that my penis was in her hand, she suddenly released it as if she had a snake in her hand. He asked me in a low voice – What is this, what were you doing? I said- Whatever you are doing, I am also doing the same. She looked down and saw that my penis was jerking. She said- Cover it you bastard. But I did not listen to him and kept shaking my penis. Today I was enjoying masturbating in front of mother. I wanted to make her hot but due to excitement, semen released from my penis. My face was towards mother. As if a fountain of semen was released from my penis, it fell directly on mother’s stomach and hand. She said angrily – Have you become worthless? I am your mother. There is no shame left in you at all. In excitement I had ejaculated but now I was also feeling ashamed of myself. I started pulling up my pants. Mother pointed towards the bathroom and said softly – Go and wash. I got up without wearing pants and ran towards the bathroom. I was feeling very sorry now. I could not understand how to face my mother. Going inside, I washed my penis and started thinking about how to approach my mother. Somehow I came out and quietly lay down on the bed with my face down. Mother had also cleaned her stomach and hands. She placed her hand on my shoulder and said – No problem, all this happens at your age. Then she placed my head in her lap and started caressing my hair. She said- Look son, this is not right for you right now. We still have many more problems. I used to do all this with your father. It was your father who instilled this habit in me. I am your mother, it is not right to do all this with your mother. Feels like a sin. Right now I am forgiving you, but keep this in mind from now on. Come on, go to sleep now. I was keeping my head in his lap due to which I could also hear his heartbeat. Her fleshy boobs were hitting my face. Feeling all this, my penis had become erect again. Perhaps mother had also become aware that my penis had become erect. But she did not say anything and slept. Everything had changed from the next day. Mother now started staying away from me. The place to sleep at night had also changed. Now I started sleeping alone on the bed. Mother used to sleep downstairs and sister next to her. I used to masturbate every night looking at my mother. I used to enjoy masturbating while looking at my mother’s body. One night mother was sleeping very deeply. Due to being in deep sleep, she did not even care about her saree. Her saree had reached up to her knees. Seeing mother’s saree lifted, my penis became erect. While lying down like this, I hung one of my hands down. I was masturbating my penis with one hand. With my lower hand, I slowly lifted her saree higher. As the saree was rising, my excitement was increasing. A moment came when mother’s saree reached her stomach and mother’s pussy was visible to me. For the first time I had seen my mother’s pussy so closely. I started masturbating fast. Then I started feeling that my semen would be released. I wanted to enjoy my mother’s wonderful body even more. I stopped masturbating. I slowly touched her pussy and saw that it was very soft. I started caressing mother’s pussy with a light hand. At the same time, I was also keeping in mind that mother’s sleep would not be disturbed and all the fun would go in vain. I kept teasing her pussy slowly and gently. My penis was about to burst completely. Now I couldn’t stop myself. While moving my hand, I tried to slide my big finger into her pussy. Slowly, very slowly, I fingered mother’s pussy. Now with more courage I started moving my finger in her pussy. I was having a lot of fun fingering my pussy. It felt as if I was moving my finger in a bowl full of butter. I kept fingering her pussy like this for a minute or two. Then I saw that a wet substance started coming out from her pussy. Seeing this my enthusiasm increased further. I also slowly inserted my second finger into her pussy. With great care, I started fingering her pussy. At this time mother’s breathing had started to move very fast. I was convinced that perhaps mother was dreaming. In the dream she might have been getting her pussy fucked by someone. That’s why she was not waking up even after two fingers were inserted into her pussy. My courage had increased a lot now. Now I started spreading mother’s legs very carefully. I came down slowly. I spread her legs and took my penis in my hand and placed it on her pussy. As soon as the penis touched my pussy, I went crazy. I enjoyed it so much that I can’t tell you. I pressed my throbbing penis a little more on her pussy. I enjoyed it more. Like this, I kept enjoying by rubbing my penis on her pussy. Due to the sticky water of mother’s pussy touching my penis, my penis also became lubricated. Now I could not wait any longer to insert my penis into my mother’s pussy. I wanted to insert my penis inside her pussy at any cost. With courage I put my penis inside. As soon as the penis went inside, I felt such pleasure that I started flying in the air. Her pussy was very hot from inside. At that time I was feeling very happy as if I had won a battle. The feeling of having fun by inserting my penis in the same pussy from which I came into this world seemed unique to me. In this way, with great ease, I slowly started moving my penis inside my mother’s pussy. I was having so much fun moving my penis in and out that I don’t have words to describe it. This was the first sex of my life, that too with my real mother. Now my speed started increasing. Now I couldn’t hold on much longer. I came close to orgasm because the excitement became too much. While hissing, my penis released the jet with such force that a stream of semen must have entered my mother’s pussy. While masturbating with my hand, only 1-2 squirts would come out with force from my penis. When semen came out in the mother’s pussy, the penis gave 5-6 thrusts. I was enjoying a lot. I released all my semen inside my mother’s pussy. Looking at her face, I was getting a lot of pleasure and my penis was shaking and I squeezed out every drop of its contents and emptied it completely into my mother’s pussy. Mother’s face looked very lovely. I felt like sucking her lips. But if I had done this at that time, she would have woken up. Sister was also sleeping next to me. That’s why I didn’t think it was right to do so. After that I got up and lay down on the bed. I looked down and saw that my semen was leaking out of my mother’s pussy and dripping down. I was very happy to see this. After that I lay down and remained happy in my mind at my success. I looked at mother’s face and saw a slight smile on her face. Then I too fell asleep thinking.