My brother and father fucked me

Read in the parent-child sex story that one night when I heard voices coming from my mother and father’s room, I went to see them and both of them were naked. Amma was standing like a mare in front of Abbu. mother father sex story

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This parent-father sex story is about one of my friends, Dilkash. You hear from him.

Hello, I am from Dilkash Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh. This is my first sex story, if you see any mistake, please ignore it. This sex story is absolutely true and happened just a year ago.

First of all, let me tell you about myself and my family. I am 20 years old, my mother Saeeda is 42 years old. My mother is a housewife.
Father’s name is Hamza, his age is 45 years. He is a good businessman. Abbu’s business is also going very well.
I don’t feel the slightest shortage of money at home. Mom and dad take care of my every need.

My elder brother is Kasib, he is 23 years old. My younger sister Asma is 18 years old. I am no less than anyone in beauty. My mother looks less like our mother and more like our elder sister and she looks 8-10 years younger than her age. Many boys in the neighborhood are eager to fuck me.

This parent-father sex story is from August. At that time I had just taken admission in college and my younger sister Asma was in 12th. Kasib was in the last year of college.

One night, when I was coming to my room after urinating, the light in my mother and father’s room was on.
I thought that mother might have forgotten to switch off the light while sleeping at night.

But then I heard mother’s intoxicating moans in my ears. I got scared and started wondering why mom was making such noises.

Out of curiosity, mother went towards father’s room to see all this and I was shocked to see the view inside the room.

Inside the room, mother and father were completely naked. Amma was standing in a mare position in front of Abbu and Abbu had inserted his penis into Amma’s pussy from behind. He was pushing his penis vigorously into mother’s pussy.

Amma was also fucking with pleasure by moving her buttocks back… and was saying ‘aaah uuuuh oooh..’.

Seeing all this, a strange sensation spread in my body and ants started crawling in my pussy.

I put my hand in my capri. My pussy became completely wet and I started rubbing my pussy with my hand.

After just a minute, I pulled down my capri and panties and started watching my mother and father having sex with complete enjoyment.

After fucking her like a bitch for some time, father took out his penis from mother’s pussy.

I got scared after seeing my father’s long and thick penis. I wondered if the penis was even that big. On the other hand, mother’s pussy was completely smooth and free of any spots.

Seeing all this I became very hot. The fingers of my hand were continuously moving in my pussy. There was very thick hair on my pussy, due to which I was enjoying a lot.

When Abbu caressed Amma’s ass and made some gesture, Amma then lay down on her back.

In this position I could clearly see mother’s pussy. The hole of her pussy was opening and closing. Then he climbed on his mother. In one stroke he inserted his penis into Ammi’s pussy and started pushing vigorously.

Then something hot started pricking my buttocks… I got scared.

When I turned around, my brother Kasib was standing naked behind me and his hot penis was pricking my naked buttocks. Before I could do anything, Kasib put his hand on my mouth and started picking me up and taking me to my room.

I said- Brother, Asma is sleeping here.

Hearing this, Kasib took me to his room and threw me on the bed.

The very next moment, he removed my capri and panties stuck on my legs and also took off my top and made me completely naked.

After this, my brother himself became naked after taking off his clothes. He started sucking my lips while moving his hand on my body.

I started looking at her naked body with pleasure.

Then Kasib pressed my breast with one of his hands and said – Ooooo my hot darling… my dear sister, you are so beautiful. I was just outside chasing girls and there is so much good stuff in the house.

Saying this, he took one of my breasts in his mouth and put his hand down on my pussy and said – Uuuuh Dilkash, a jungle has grown on your pussy… there are very big pubic hairs. Have you never cleaned your juicy pussy?

I felt shy after hearing pussy from my brother’s mouth and remained silent.

Then Kasib kissed me and said – My dear sister is feeling ashamed. Sweetheart, if you feel shy like this, how will you be able to enjoy?
He started inserting his finger in my pussy.

I held Kasib’s hand and said softly – Brother, I am itching a lot.
Kasib placed my hand on his penis and said – Ah Dilkash… see how your brother’s penis is getting eager to satisfy the itching of your pussy.

I also left my shame and said – Brother, then quickly push your penis into the pussy of your lovely and beautiful younger sister… and extinguish the fire of my pussy.
Saying this, I pressed Kasib’s penis with force.

Then Kasib said – Dilkash, have you seen Ammi’s pussy… Ammi’s pussy was very smooth. There is so much hair on your pussy.
I said- Brother, first thing tomorrow morning I will clean the hair from my pussy.
Kasib said- My dear sister, don’t you want to have fun now?

I kept quiet.

Kasib picked me up and took me to the bathroom and made me lie down on the floor. Then he cleaned my pussy with his shaving razor kept in the bathroom and came to the bed again with me.

Coming to the bed, Kasib opened both my legs and gave a long kiss on my pussy. My pussy melted due to the heat of Kasib’s lips… and intoxicating moans started coming out of my mouth.

I became intoxicated and started squeezing Kasib’s face between my legs and started saying ‘Aah Bhai Uuh Ohhh Bhai..’
Then semen came out from my pussy and my fun subsided a bit.

Then Kasib put his penis to my lips and asked me to suck it. I removed Kasib’s penis from my lips and refused to suck it.

Kasib pressed my breasts hard and said – You bitch… you refuse to suck my penis. Run away from here… and you whore, go and sit in some brothel and get your pussy fucked and increase the respect of yourself and your family.

I also said angrily – You bastard sister…right now you are making a big name for the family by fucking your sister. Right now, I will go to my mother naked like this and tell her about your misdeeds.
Kasib smiled and said – Go you bitch… there your father is shaking his cock to make a hole in your pussy.

I was stunned to hear Kasib’s words and said – Brother, what are you saying… Do you even know that he is my father?

Kasib squeezed my breast and said – Dilkash, when you went to the bathroom to pee, I was fucking mother and both I and father have been thinking of fucking you and Asma for a long time. But today I got a chance. And both mother and father are waiting for us. First I will break the seal of your pussy in front of Ammi and Abbu, then I will fuck yours… and Ammi.

Before I could say anything, Kasib took me by the hand and took me to my mother and father’s room.

Mother and father were sitting completely naked in the room waiting for me. Seeing my naked body, my father’s mouth watered and he came closer to me.

He pressed my breast and said – Unh… My dear daughter, my cock is very restless to fuck you.
Saying this, my father took his hand down and massaged my pussy.

I was left saying ‘Aaahhh…’.
Kasib said to mother – You whore, your daughter is refusing to suck her brother’s cock… Tell me, before she sucks my and father’s cock, otherwise we both, father and son, together put our cocks in her pussy and fuck the whore’s pussy. Will make a mess of.

Hearing this, mother sat between brother and father and started sucking the penis of Kasib and father together.

Both brother and father started pressing and sucking my breasts. I was enthralled after seeing all this and started saying ‘Aaaaaa Abbu… Unh Bhai… Aahhh..’ in trance.

Amma stopped sucking the cocks of Kasib and Abbu and said – My dear daughter, now you also suck the cocks of your brother and Abbu, otherwise both of them will tear your pussy in such a way that you will never even think of getting fucked.

At the same time, brother quickly put his penis to my lips and when I took Kasib’s penis in my mouth, the intoxicating smell of Kasib’s penis made me hot.

When the fragrance of my brother’s penis mixed with my breath, I became intoxicated and started sucking my brother Kasib’s penis. Then Abbu also put his penis to my lips. I started sucking the penis of my brother and father together.

Kasib’s penis was longer and thicker than Abbu’s penis. I was having more fun sucking Kasib’s penis.

After some time, my father ejaculated in my mouth and I drank his semen.

Then leaving Kasib and Abbu’s penis, I said – Brother, your penis is longer and thicker than Abbu’s penis.

Mother said- Dilkash, your father has become very old now. Now your father can’t even fuck me properly. You are still young… so only Kasib’s cock can soothe the itch of your pussy.

I said – Amma, brother’s penis is very big… and I am very scared to get fucked by it.

Mother consoled me and said – Don’t be afraid Dilkash, when Kasib’s penis will enter your pussy, you will feel pain only for a short while. Then your brother’s penis will automatically make its way into your pussy and you will enjoy it very much.

Saying this, mother said to Kasib – Motherfucker… Now quickly fuck your sister and become a motherfucker as well as a sisterfucker.

Amma opened both my legs and placed Kasib’s penis on the hole of my pussy.

Abbu said – Kasib… now quickly fuck Dilkash… after you, I too am now eager to make my daughter my wife. Then we will all live in the house like husband and wife and your mother and both sisters will be your and my wives. You will become the husband of your mother and sister.

Hearing this, Kasib placed his penis on the hole of my pussy and was about to push when suddenly Asma came into the room and said – Abbu, you and brother have made sister and mother your lovers… but what will happen to me?

We all were shocked to see Asma. Asma held Kasib’s penis and said – Brother, I also want to become the wife of both you and your father.

She took off her clothes and became naked. Seeing Asma’s beautiful and smooth body, Kasib and Abbu pounced on Asma.

Mother said- Years, this whore is not running away anywhere. Just be patient, the hole in her pussy will also make both of your dicks.

Saying this, mother again started sucking the penis of Abbu and Kasib. Abbu and Kasib started massaging my and Asma’s breasts.

The music of intoxicating sounds started echoing in the room… the moans of aaaaaa, oooohhhh started echoing.

Amma stopped sucking the cocks of Abbu and Kasib and said – Dilkash, now come, open your legs and lie down… and Asma, you become a mare.

When I lay down with my legs open and Asma became a mare.

Then Kasib placed his penis on the hole of my pussy and on the other hand Abbu put his penis on Asma’s ass.

Kasib gave a push and the tip of his penis got stuck in my pussy and I screamed ‘Aaahhh I am dead..’

Then Kasib again gave a push and his penis started entering my pussy.
I started suffering from pain.

Kasib took both my breasts in his hands and started massaging them vigorously. Along with squeezing the breasts, he also slowly started thrusting his penis.
Within a few thrusts, Kasib’s entire penis entered my pussy and I started enjoying along with the pain.

I said ‘Aaaa unh…’ and raised my buttocks and started taking Kasib’s penis in my pussy.

On the other hand, Abbu inserted his penis in Asma’s ass and Asma also started screaming in pain.

But seeing me enjoying, she said – Apa, you are enjoying a lot… and here my ass is hurting a lot. I’m not having any fun at all.

Mother said- Asma, it is not fun to get fucked and fucked. The real fun comes in getting pussy fucked.

He further said – Now the seal of Dilkash’s pussy has been broken by Kasib’s cock. After some time, when Dilkash’s pussy will release its semen, Kasib’s penis will automatically make its way into Dilkash’s pussy. After that, when Kasib will break the seal of your pussy and fuck you, then you too will enjoy it like savory.

Asma started to bear Abbu’s penis in her ass while saying ‘unh aah…’.

Amma now said to Kasib – You motherfucker… first he became my son, then he became my husband and now after fucking my step daughter, he also became my son-in-law. Fuck your sister well, otherwise I will kick your ass.

Hearing this, Kasib started fucking me vigorously.

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I started enjoying by raising my buttocks and taking Kasib’s penis till the root of my pussy – Aaaa… Unh… Ooohhh brother… Aah more loudly…

“Fuck your sister… Ahhhh brother’s cock, fuck me harder… Your cock is going till the end in your sister’s pussy. Ahh, I am enjoying it a lot, fuck me hard… Aaaaaa you sisterfucker f..choooood.” Saying all this, I suddenly became stiff and semen came out of my pussy.

I started asking Kasib to take out his penis.
But it was as if Kasib was possessed by the ghost of fucking me. He started fucking me hard and massaging both my breasts.

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