Uncle fucked mother

This story is about fucking my mother. When mom and I had gone to my grandfather’s house, I saw my uncle’s friend fucking my mom.

My name is Amit. This mother’s fucking story is from the time when I was very young.

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When summer vacations came, mom told dad and me to go to grandma’s house.
Let me tell you that my mother’s name is Manju and she is currently around 45 years old. Her breasts are huge 42″ and they are visible outside the blouse.
At that time father said- both of you go away.
So mom and I went to my grandmother’s house.

In grandmother’s house there are maternal grandfather, grandmother, maternal uncle, maternal aunt and their two small children. Aunt had gone to her maternal home. Uncle had gone to the city for some work.

When we reached home, my grandparents were very happy.

A person named Manoj lived nearby in my grandmother’s house, who was also my maternal uncle’s friend. Manoj was also there at that time. I knew him and called him uncle.
Manoj uncle said to mother – Manju, it is good that you have come, sister-in-law has gone to her parents’ house, so you will take care of uncle and aunt.

Then mom started doing household work and it was night and we slept.

When morning came, Manoj had come to our house and he and mother were talking about something.

Manoj said to Nana ji – Uncle ji, I am going to the city for some work… I will return in the evening. Let me know if you want to bring some stuff?
So Nani said- Take Manju along, she also has to bring some things from the city!
Manoj- Why not?

Mom: Yes, I have work, I am leaving. I came prepared.
After some time, mother got ready and Manoj came and said- Let’s go.

So I also said- I will also go!
So mom said- What will you do? You will be unnecessarily worried.
When I insisted, he took me along.

Now we sat in Manoj uncle’s car. Manoj was accompanied by his friend who was driving the car. Manoj was sitting in front, I and mother were behind.

After coming to the main road, uncle said to his friend – Please stop the car.
When the car stopped, Manoj uncle got down and came back and made me sit in front.

Now uncle and mother were sitting behind.

I saw that Manoj uncle and mother were talking slowly which I was not able to understand. I was very young at that time.

Manoj- Today, after a long time, I got a chance Manju!
Mom: Manoj, today my son is with me, we will do it again.
Manoj- He is very young, how will he know?

Mummy further pointed towards Manoj’s friend.
So Manoj said- Don’t worry about it, he is my friend, he will not say anything.

Now Manoj uncle took mom in his arms and started kissing her, mom also started supporting him.
Mummy- Ah… Manoj, don’t bite! It hurts, suck gently.
On this uncle said – After a long time, I am getting a chance to fuck you my love… today I will leave like this.

Now Manoj started pressing mom’s pussy over the salwar. Mom also got hot. Only the moaning sounds of my mother and her friend Manoj were heard in the car.

Manoj said to his friend – Friend, take the car towards the fields!
And he took the car towards the dirt road.

Manoj uncle and mother were kissing each other.

Now Manoj uncle lifted mummy’s shirt and took it off and I saw that mummy’s breasts were eager to come out of the bra. Mom was wearing a red colored bra.
Now Manoj started pressing mom’s big breasts and sucking mom’s lips.

Now uncle opened the knot of mother’s salwar and slid the salwar down. Mom wore red flowered panties.

Now mother opened the hook of Manoj’s pants and took out Manoj’s penis which was throbbing. Manoj made mom lie down on the back seat of the car and removed my mom’s salwar completely. My aunt was now only in bra and panty and her fair, smooth thighs were glowing.

Mother said- Hurry up Manoj! If someone saw us in this condition, we would be in trouble.
Manoj- Manju darling, don’t worry, no one will see us here.

Now uncle took off mummy’s panty which mummy kept on her salwar. Now seeing mother’s pussy, Manoj’s penis had become furious.

Mom: Don’t you have a condom?
Mama- My Manju darling, see the fun you will have without condom!
Mom: No Manoj… what if something happens tomorrow?
Uncle- Nothing will happen Manju. Don’t worry, I will take it out when it is about to come out.

Now Manoj uncle placed the tip of his penis on mom’s pussy and a sigh came from mom’s mouth and a feeling of joy spread in her body.

Uncle’s penis was slowly getting absorbed into mother’s pussy and intoxicating moans were coming out of mother’s mouth.
My mother was being fucked in front of me.

Now Manoj’s penis would come out slowly and enter mom’s pussy in one stroke. Manoj uncle fed mom like this for about 20 minutes.

Now when Manoj took out his penis, mother’s pussy remained wide open. The pussy swelled and became a cuppa.
Mummy said – Come on Manoj, we will be late, now let us leave.

Manoj uncle wiped his penis with mom’s panty. Mom also cleaned her pussy with her panty.

Now when mom wore salwar, Manoj uncle put a finger in mom’s ass.
Mom screamed – Ah Manoj…not there…it hurts a lot.
Manoj Mama- Does your sister do drama? How many times have you taken such a big cock in your ass? I really want to fuck your ass right now.
Mummy- Manoj, not today but some other time.

After doing this, both of them wore clothes and went to the market.

Mom bought some condoms from there. Which was to get fucked by Manoj.

I and my mother stayed at my grandmother’s house for 15 days. During these days, Manoj uncle fucked my mother a lot every day. I saw my mother fucked with my own eyes many times.