Village girl and doctor-2

(The village girl and the drunk doctor- Part 2)

Previous part of the story: Village girl and doctor-1

“Doctor sahab, I am very scared. Please don’t play with my respect. Please let me go. My body is like a mother!”
“Believe me, Gori… this is a man’s promise to you. I will take care of everything. Gori, your body is craving for a man. The flowing water of your vagina and your tightening boobs are clearly saying that you want sex now.”
“Yes, Gori, my queen, tell me.”
“I will become a mother, right?”
“My man will keep me with him, right? He will not kill me, right!”
“Yes, Gori, don’t worry at all.”

“So sir, take your fee tonight, my youth is yours.”
“Oh! Come my fair one!”

And we both hugged each other again and my penis became huge.

“Doctor sahab, I am very thirsty. Till date no man has nourished me! Please extinguish the fire in my body sahab!”
“Then come and put your buttocks on my thighs and cling to my body!”

After a while my hands were playing with the buttons of my shirt, the shirt came off, then my pants. Gori’s eyes were staring at my body.
Before my underwear got torn, I took it off.

And then as soon as I stood upright….my
penis stood up in all its glory and saluted its prey. With its full length and red head as big as a tomato!

Gori screamed loudly and got up from the bed and ran towards the door naked.
“What happened Gori?” I got scared, I ran towards her with my erect penis.
“No, I don’t want to do anything. No, let me go… let me go.” Gori screamed again.
“What happened Gori?” But I kept moving towards her.

“Sir, this huge penis of yours… this penis is very big and thick, oh my god!! It is like a donkey’s… no, it will tear me apart.”

“Come Gori, don’t be afraid! Only really thick and strong cocks can tear apart a vagina! Look at it carefully, touch it. Love it and then see how crazy it will drive you.”
“Doctor sahab, it is very cute and extremely handsome! I feel like kissing it as soon as I see it, uffff! It is so big but sahab, how will it enter my vagina, so thick? I will die. Rajan’s cock is very small in front of it, when even that doesn’t go in then how can this?”

“This is the sexual skill of a man my queen, opening a pussy and fucking it properly is not every man’s cup of tea! That too a virgin, firm pussy like yours! Don’t be afraid, just tolerate it a little in the beginning, then you will get tired of getting fucked but you will not get satisfied.”

“Come now my love! I can’t take it anymore. Play with my cock my queen.” Saying this I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.

Not only her pussy but also her thighs up to the knees were wet, her boobs had become very solid and big, they were moving up and down with the breath, her breathing was very loud.

I climbed on the bed and sat on her chest, I placed my long erect penis between her raised boobs and pressed both the boobs with my palms. My penis got stuck between the boobs. I started kneading her boobs while rubbing her nipples with my fingers and started fucking her tight cleavage with my penis.

The red tip of my penis would get naked in the upper part and touch her lips and in the lower part it would touch her navel. In excitement, Gori had just opened her lips to scream but the tip of my penis got stuck in it and she started making the sound of gon…go…goo…goo.
I applied more force upwards and about 2-3 inches of my penis entered her mouth. After a little struggle, it was set in motion and I was in heaven.

My penis had gained speed, Gori’s mouth was also sucking my glans nicely, the glans was going deep inside and hitting her throat.

Gori’s breasts had become even bigger and huge due to lust. Now I got up a little and moved forward and sat on Gori’s breasts and pushed my penis into her mouth as much as I could.

His entire body, squeezed between my thighs, was writhing in motion like a fish out of water.

After a while I took out my penis and now Gori started licking both my balls. In between she would move her tongue on my long penis and sometimes she would lick the head.

After a while, I took the 69 position and she got full access to my sexual organs and the surroundings. Now she started licking my buttocks too and I also placed the hole of my ass on her mouth.

She lovingly took my buttocks in her hands and licked my asshole with her tongue. Meanwhile, I also licked her pussy with my tongue and fucked her.

But her pussy was really tight, even the tongue could not enter it… for a moment I even thought that she might die while inserting my penis in it!

Then I turned her around and sucked and licked her big round buttocks.

Now Gori was moaning loudly and would also scream in between. She was holding my penis with both her hands and now she was screaming very loudly- Doctor sahab, fuck me… get on top of me… insert it inside doctor sahab! Have mercy on me, otherwise I will die.
“Even if I die, insert this thick iron rod of yours inside me.”
“See sahab, how red it has become after getting heated! Cool its fire with your hammer sahab.”
“Wow! What a manly and wonderful penis you have doctor sahab… any girl would get intoxicated on seeing it and remove her clothes and lie down on your bed. Come sahab, come insert it inside uff!”

My penis had also crossed all limits of lust, I sat between her legs and raised her legs in the air in a shape and then holding her waist placed my penis on her pussy and pressed it slowly but a little tightly.
Gori’s virgin pussy was so smooth that the head of the penis entered and at the same time Goti screamed- Ah, I am dying… I am dying Doctor sahab!

“Don’t worry my love!” And I held my penis in my hand and pushed it in a little more.
She started pushing me, she was also screaming due to pain. Then I forcefully threw her down and lay on her. While pressing her boobs with my chest, I gave a powerful shot to the half inserted penis.
She screamed so loudly as if someone had killed her! Her body also started writhing and she held me tightly. About 6 inches of my penis had penetrated inside. And probably her hymen which was stretched and was yet to tear.

After a while when she calmed down she said – Doctor sahab, leave me, I will not be able to bear your penis.
I put my lips on her lips and gave a strong kiss in which her hard boobs were badly crushed.
Her long arms once again wrapped me and her legs were also wrapping around my legs as if she was taking a position to get fucked properly.

After a while when I felt that she had forgotten the pain, I suddenly pulled out my penis a little and gave a full shot. This stroke of the penis was so powerful that she was exhausted, with another scream and a soft sound her virginity was broken today, after one year of marriage that too by another man and with this stroke she had an orgasm. A
stream of juice flowed out of her vagina and she was panting badly.

Now Gori’s pussy was completely wet and I had not ejaculated yet, I started fucking her with strong thrusts, my cock was getting scratched by rubbing against the walls of her tight pussy.
But I did not stop and kept fucking her badly.

Then I pulled out my cock from her pussy and it came out with a sound as if a soda water bottle was opened.
I put her in doggy style and started fucking her by putting my cock in her pussy from behind. Now Gori also got excited and started provoking me to fuck her hard- Fuck me doctor sahab, tear me apart! Doctor sahab, don’t leave me… tear me apart badly! Fuck me harder… I am your slave! I will serve you, I will be completely naked in front of you every day and night, I will always be ready for you and whenever your cock wants, I will lie down on your bed to get fucked. But fuck me hard sahab… fuck me hard… fuck faster sahab.
That night I fucked Gori twice.

The next day in the afternoon Thakurain came to the clinic, I told her that the checkup is done and a small operation will be done by evening and tomorrow your daughter-in-law will go to your house.
Thakurain went back to the mansion satisfied.

Tonight Gori herself was impatient to know when the night would come. She also knew that tomorrow she had to go back to the mansion and tonight was the only night left to enjoy the real fun. Today she let me do whatever I wanted in my lust. We both sucked, loved, caressed and looked at each other’s body parts to our heart’s content.

Then I fucked Gori in many different poses. I also explained to her how to live in her in-laws’ house and what to do in the coming days.

The next day Rajan also came back from the city, I explained to him- Gori’s operation has been done!
“Doctor sahab, Gori will become a mother now, right?”
“Yes, but don’t be in a hurry… stay away from Gori for a month! And yes, keep sending her here for checkup from time to time, this is a very cautious job!”
Rajan said yes with some confusion. Then he took Gori away.

As per my plan, Gori kept coming to the clinic from time to time. I would call her in the evening when there were no patients from the village. I would keep her till 8-9 in the night and fuck her a lot, Gori too would fuck me with great fun.

After two months, Gori became pregnant. I convinced Gori to let Rajan fuck her now. My cock had already made her pussy into a cunt where Rajan’s cock could easily enter.

Rajan was also very happy that because of Doctor Saheb he was now able to fuck his wife, Gori had already become crazy about me.

When Thakurain came to know that Gori’s feet had become heavy, she came to the clinic and thanked me.

I was already happy and now I am running my clinic in the hope of finding another fair girl.

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